Erectify Ultra The movements of the two must be equal, but each one must do with the arm or hand opposite the one of the other. At the end of the repetition – when the two are resting with their hands on the floor – they should touch their hands (one to the right, one to the left), making a “high-five”, as the picture shows. In the next repetition, each one must begin the exercise on the reverse side of what he did before.

Knee high

The two should face each other, arms flexed 90 degrees and hands outstretched. The next step is to raise your right knee until it hits the right palm. Do the same with the left side.

Arm lift with resistance

One should stand in front of the other, both with legs semi-flexed. While the woman extends her arms to the side of the body, the man puts his hands on the woman’s hands. Then she must raise her arms while he makes a force in the direction opposite to Erectify Ultra the movement, offering resistance.

When you can reach shoulder height, you should return your arms to the original position. When finishing the series, change the positions, with the woman offering resistance to the movement of its partner. Read More …

Exercise in the bank

The woman sits on a stool like the photo above and flexes the right leg while the left is extended forward. The man stands with his legs semi-flexed, and holds her hands.

Then she lifts the body, keeping her left leg extended Erectify Ultra without allowing her to touch the ground.

After that, she sits slowly and then shifts her position with her partner.

Calf Exercise

Once again the stool kicks in. She begins sitting with her legs bent while he stands with his legs also bent, his torso slightly bent and his hands on top of his partner’s knees.

Then she lifts her heels, getting on tiptoe while he pushes the woman’s knees down. After doing the reps, the two invert their positions.

Paddling with towels

For this exercise, it is necessary to have two towels that will be crossed as the picture shows. He begins with the two of them standing with their legs semi-flexed and their arms partially extended forward, holding the towel.

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